Angela Gunder | Projects
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Instructional Design

Encompassing fully-online course designs, interactive learning objects, professional development and training materials, and support for curricular innovation, this collection showcases my time supporting faculty in creating technology-enhanced, student-centered instruction.

Web Design

With a focus on usability, accessibility and engagement, these sites spotlight my contributions to visual design, coding and development, interactivity, and project management behind the scenes to help bring these diverse projects to fruition.

  • This web site for designing effective webinars offers best practices, tips and tricks for ensuring collaboration and interaction in the online space.

  • Website for NOVASTARTALK, a federally-funded initiative that strives to increase the number of people speaking critical-need langauges (such as Chines


Explore slide decks and resources from presentations, keynotes, and webinars that I’ve delivered at conferences, summits, and convenings across the globe.

  • I’ve been afforded many opportunities to participate in projects for work that are far more rooted in play.  Indeed, my time spent thus far on t

  • Sometimes the flavor du jour is so up your alley, you feel as if the stars are aligned in your favor. Digital storytelling is my salted caramel - I'm


This collection features projects and research conducted as a part of my studies in education technology, and teaching, learning and sociocultural studies, respectively.

Let’s Talk

Contact me for more information on what I’m doing and ways that we might collaborate.