Angela Gunder | Finding Stunning Images for the Classroom
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Finding Stunning Images for the Classroom

Finding Stunning Images for the Classroom

In a recent MERLOT Teacher’s Education Editorial Board Meeting, we were tasked with creating a short presentation to explore the many features of Blendspace. The goal was for the board to test our Blendspace before using it as our presentation tool at the 7th Annual International Symposium on Emerging Technologies for Online Learning (Woosh, that’s a mouthful! Which is why we affectionately refer to it as ET4OL!). I decided to couple my Blendspace with a topic that I often wax on about – the sourcing of copyright-safe images for the classroom. I began my lesson with some fabulous resources on the web for learning about intellectual property for education (to include this mad clever infographic by Legal 123 that features the best use of the Mona Lisa since Leo did his thing…) The Blendspace continued with a bevvy of websites offering killer images that won’t get the copyright police knocking at your door. Win win. As you peek at the Blendspace below, feel free to share in the comments some of the sites that you frequent for safe images for the classroom. Sharing is caring 😉

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