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Great Tools That We Use

Great Tools That We Use

I’ve been afforded many opportunities to participate in projects for work that are far more rooted in play.  Indeed, my time spent thus far on the MERLOT Teacher Education Board has fit this bill, with our bimonthly meetings over Google Hangout serving to inspire my work with emerging technology and wear me out from giggle fits.  There is nothing (and I mean nothing) better than discussing the 21st century classroom while wearing a mustache an monocle courtesy of Google Effects.

In addition to sharing resources that we’ve collected and reviewed for MERLOT, our editor Jane encourages us to showcase our favorite items in a presentation at the Online Learning Consortium (formerly the SLOAN-C) International Symposium for Emerging Technology for Online Learning.  This past April, we converged upon downtown Dallas, both in person and virtually, to share some of the greatest hits from the Teacher Education collection in MERLOT.  Rather than contribute to tree murder, we decided to create an infographic as a takeaway as opposed to a handout.  We chose Prezi for the ability to update and add to the apps showcased, and used the Learning and Innovation Skills in the Framework for 21st Century Skills to categorize the apps.  After the conference, we realized that the entire framework was supportive of the many apps that we continued to collect, and decided to work on expanding the Prezi to include all four student outcomes and the related student support systems.  You can see the original Prezi below (and if you scroll through it to the left, you can sneak a peek at Phase II of the infographic that includes the entire framework):

View on Prezi

Additionally, you can peruse our presentation in Blendspace, which just so happened to be one of the apps that we shared in the presentation.  Because we’re oh-so-meta like that 😉

View on Blendspace

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