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Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes

Previously Unreleased: Lexi’s Nirvana Nook
When I was in school, I partitioned off a section of my dorm room and decorated it like a meditation zone – with my fat college student wallet, this included a bean bag chair, some printed pics of beaches off the internet, and a Glade tropical-scented plug in.  It didn’t cut the mustard, kids.  Fast forward to some sweet, prehistoric Flash work and you have the Nirvana Nook.

Well, the Nirvana Nook was just so classy, my sister Lexi had to contribute with her own room.  I can’t remember what she wanted to call it, but it included a pug, a wee man and a moose (pronounced “Moosen”).  Here are her original sketches along with the versions that I colored in, along with a lady moose.  How do I know it’s a lady moose?  Maybe the blond hair weave?

Wee Man and Moosen by Lexi Franklin Pugsley by Lexi Franklin
Moosen by Lexi Franklin Lady Moosen by Lexi Franklin

Wicked Pickle
Around the same time, Lexi and I thought that we should make some bucks by starting a t-short company with strange cartoon characters as the selling point.  The only sketch to ever see the light of day was the evil condiment “Wicked Pickle”

Wicked Pickle by Angela Gunder and Lexi Franklin

The Welshley Arms Hotel Dinner Menu
My friend Brian, in all of his stores of creativity, turned out this gem – a change of a serious mockup that I made for a fancy-pants site into the mouthwatering menu for the Welshley Arms Hotel.  I particularly like his inclusion of the rare dish “goose meat” well before The Lonely Island began extolling the virtues of boiled goose.  Seriously, though, Brian – better attention to typography.  How else will you highlight that airbrushed acorn that you drew on the menu?

Fancy Pants Mockup © Angela Gunder

The Welshley Arms Hotel Menu

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