Angela Gunder | Face Painting
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Face Painting

Face Painting

I’ve been toying with brushes, masks and blending modes with my merges lately. Granted, I’m always using the three, but not usually so heavily and to such an artistic effect. My older merges were less reliant on the computer (and deliberately so) – I was trying to mimic the analog process as closely as possible with as few computer effects added (read: none) used along the way. Lately, though, I’ve found myself creating brushes from photos and painting out my masks that way. The results have been rewarding in terms of texture, and I’m thinking about printing some of these on canvas. I typically print on metallic paper, which works well for the shots of rust and water that benefit from an almost aggressive lustre and sheen. With these flower paintings, though, I’ve found that it results in a loss of detail in the more painterly areas of the shots. Nevertheless, here are three in the series – I’m particularly charmed by the color palettes as my work tends to be pretty dark. Always fun to work on the other side of the spectrum…


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