Angela Gunder | 14: The Spooky Tunnel Legacy
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14: The Spooky Tunnel Legacy

14: The Spooky Tunnel Legacy

It’s no secret that I have an ongoing photographic love affair with the Dale Carlia Tunnel, better known to me and my compatriots (read: Mom) as “The Spooky Tunnel”  An abandoned railway bed on the border of DC and Maryland, the tunnel is a popular jogging and bike path on the Capitol Crescent Trail.  It gained the spooky monniker after an early morning run where we were presented with this seemingly absurd structure cut out of a small hill, replete with fog, cobwebs and moss.  The tunnel still has the original stonework and duck-ins, which serve only to scare the crap out of you as you run past, imagining all sorts of horror movie-esque grab and snacth maneuvers some secret killer could perform from the inky darkness.  An all around good time as far as we runners are concerned.

This merge is primarily of photos taken just a few steps past the tunnel of a rusty, art deco looking bridge.  The squiggles are from a shot of the street lights on Memorial Bridge as I rode past in the car, and the black shadow in the center is a self-portrait of my shadow that I snapped in Central Park in Fall 2007.

Spooky Tunnel (16"x20")

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