Angela Gunder | My Friends are Prettier than Yours
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My Friends are Prettier than Yours

My Friends are Prettier than Yours

From the collection, My Friends are Prettier Than Yours, also known as the walk to the living room. I haven’t established whether I got into the practice of gardening solely to take pictures of my flowers, but now that I’m in NYC, I do admit that I miss digging in the dirt and then snapping shots later on. These were with the Canon XT with a macro filter (hence the bowing on the edges). I like the flower in the fishbowl look, despite the fact that it’s sometimes considered the tapered leg jean of photography. We can’t all be cool.

Bleeding Hearts

Photo: Bleeding Hearts, 2006.


Photo: Iris, 2006.


Photo: Cosmos, 2006.

Cosmos (II)

Photo: Cosmos, 2005.

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