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ID Complex

ID Complex

Back when I was first forming my thoughts on design education and technology as a tool (as opposed to a crutch or a speed bump), I was interested in the idea of creativity having endless facets and outlets.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of talented friends in my lifetime, and I’ve always wondered about the relationship between how we’re first perceived by strangers as opposed to how we’re understood by people who’ve gotten to know about our different skills.  I think that Adesina Media has evolved into the best example of this – people that know me as a web designer might not know me as a photographer or a culinary nut or a world traveler or a monkey-bars expert.  The blog, however, gives me the opportunity to put all of these interests in one place, cluttered though it may be.  And I’m kind of tickled by that ability – it’s the best self-portrait that I’ve been able to come up wit so far.

ID Complex was a site that my friend Briana Morrison and I (visit her at came up with.  The site was supposed to be a collection of articles, written by friends near and far, that would collectively “profile” the authors.  Well, we never launched it, but I’m fascinated by the fact that I’m still interested in the same concepts as those that formed the idea for ID Complex.

For you loyal readers out there, you’ll notice that the look is the same as that for the Encouragement Club.  Waste not, want not, designers.  If a client rejects a mockup, save it for repurposing on a rainy day.

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